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Friday, May 13, 2016

Here We Go, Round Again!

OK.  I thought that the colors were a good choice... That must be why I have a peyote stitch bracelet about 2/3 finished in almost the same colors... GRRRR... I may have to finish the peyote stitch one and take apart the new one... Or finish them both and wear them together.

Whilst I was sitting in the workroom, my eyes lit upon the half inch house that Judy and Susan gave me a few months ago... Of course I had to stop and see what had to be done to that one. 

Bad idea!  I have lots of half inch furniture.  I was saving it for the unfinished Fairfield that I have up on the top shelf.

There is more than enough furniture to finish both.  Another GRRRR... moment.  What to do next.

There are way to many unfinished projects.  The solution?  Go back to working in the bedroom!  Working in the workroom makes me see all of the unfinished stuff that is in there.

This bin is the leftovers from all of the things that I have in the half inch house photo. 

Way more than enough half inch furniture.  I am going to sort through it and give some of it to Judy and Susan for their house.  Yes.  They have one exactly like this one.  They, being sisters, did not want to fight over doing two of the same house.  Smart!

It's all their fault.  I am going to go now and sort the remains of the bin.  Then I am going to give it to them Wednesday when they come over.  Hmmmm.... Maybe they will need an extra house to put it all in... Problem solved?  Maybe...

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hey Casey. I understand how you feel about being in your workroom and seeing all the unfinished projects. And wanting to do them all RIGHT THEN! I feel that way when I
dare to venture into my "Craft Room". Right now, it's a mess. But you know, instead of being frustrated about it, we should feel fortunate that we have supplies and resources that bring us pleasure to take advantage of whenever we wish. WE collected
all that with a purpose in mind. And WE get to decide what happens to it while we are here.
Oh, got to go clean up the Craft Room! At least so I can sew in there.

Caseymini said...

Good luck with the clean up, Phyllisa!