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Monday, May 16, 2016

Busy Day...

Over the weekend, I got this much of a peyote stitch bracelet done.  It still needs a few more inches.  It's hard to work with Tessie whining about me never making her anything...

No.  I am not shrinking this one.
I had a doctor's follow up for the radiation treatments this morning.  She is very happy with the way everything looks.  While I was waiting, I got three more rows done on this shawl.  Slowly but surely, wins the race.

We went to see the new Tom Hanks movie between appointments.  Then I had my Herceptin treatment.  I only have two more to go and then I will be officially done!  The last one will be June 27th.
Last night I started a new pencil collar.  I got three rows done.  It will probably be about the size of this old one when I finish it...

I carefully put it and the beads away before we left for the first appointment this morning.

When we returned, it was missing...

Yup! Three rows make a perfect bracelet for "you know who".

She is now wanting a bracelet to match each of her 20 plus aprons...

I am not giving in.  We are going to do some bargaining if she wants any at all!

That one is not legally hers either!  I may have to wrestle her to get it back, but I don't think that it will be much of a fight.  I am bigger than she is!

She had the nerve to ask if I could use the other pencil collar as a sleeve and add the rest of a dress to it... No!  I am not going into the beaded dress business!!! No way.  No how.

TESSIE!!! I want my pencil back!  Where did you go?

I have to go look for my beading now.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

me alegro mucho de que el tratamiento este yendo tan bien ,veo que sigues imparable siempre haciendo cosas , veo que Tessie sigue apropiandose de cosas que no son suyas, pero ya sabemos que es parte de su encanto ,jajaja



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Good luck getting the pencil back!
Big hug

Caseymini said...

Mari, Tessie always wins sooner or later. I should just give her what she wants, but I refuse to give in. I am just as stuborn as she is!