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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Running Away From Home...

You would run too, if you opened your workroom door and saw this! 

I decided that Tessie and I both needed a day off!
We went shopping... People do look at you funny when you wander around talking to an open purse...

I kept shoving Tessie back in the bag.  She kept pointing to things that I should buy...

For example, at Dollar Tree, they have all kinds of things for a fairy garden.  I was good.  I only bought one to mess with. 

They all needed repainting.  This was the best of the lot.

They even had an OUT HOUSE for the fairies!  I am still shaking my head at that idea!  It even had the required moon shaped hole in the door!

Anyway, if you are close to a Dollar Tree, go look.  There are even some gnomes and fairies.  I think that all could use repainting, but the sculpting in not bad.

While we were there, Tessie grabbed this hummingbird feeder.  I don't think that she wanted to feed the hummingbirds.  She just likes to swing on it. Not bad for a buck.
My favorite is going to Goodwill.  I found some clay pots for next to nothing and the glass jar that Tessie is standing in... Another possible swing?  She noticed that it had little hanger rings on two sides.  We will have to think of something to do with it.  It has chicken wire around the outside.

The four plants, I found at Walmart.  I like buying the tiny pots and watching them grow into something gigantic.  I have a couple of rubber plants that started out this size that are huge.
 This is what was in Tessie's glass jar.  Yup.  Goodwill sells sea shells and glass pebbles...

Our back yard is scattered with the glass pebbles, of all colors and several sizes.  Amare likes to look for them and has a treasure box that he puts them in... This will add to his stash.

Now I am wondering if I could talk him into looking for sea shells... Convince him that the ocean was once here and left them?

Anyway, reality is slowly creeping in and I should go back to the icky workroom... Should... Maybe..........  As they say, Reality Bites!

See you tomorrow.

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