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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Well. I thought I pulled one over on Tessie, yesterday... Evidently not.

I found this 24 skein pack of embroidery floss at Walmart yesterday morning. Slipped it in the cart when Tessie wasn't poking her head out...

It is tie dyed embroidery floss!  I have never seen regular floss with more than one color on a skein. It was $3.98 for 24 skeins! 

Granted I had to take eight skeins of regular floss to get the 16 skeins of tie dyed, but I had to try it. It comes out to about 17 cents a skein if you count the plain ones too.  I will use those too.  All nice colors.

Anyway, Tessie was present when I started pulling things out of the bags... She saw it.  She immediately ran for the #14 crochet hook and yelled as she went, "Afghans! I need more afghans!".
 Just what I need!  More projects.  I think that it will also work for rugs.  It could be interesting.

As soon as I got things unpacked, I decided to go through the jewelry chest/sewing chest...

I got the first three drawers cleaned out and found that the third drawer was empty.  I put the new floss in that drawer and Tessie climbed in, still holding the #14 hook. 

I think that I am going to try talking her into a rug first.

OK.  I found a bunch of cards of thread that belonged in my travel case... Got the case out.  Tessie started grousing about me not finishing the rugs in there... I can't win.  Wherever I go, she follows and harasses me!

She told me to take her photo whilst she finished the rug that I started... Please note that she doesn't have a needle in her hand... It is still stuck in the edge of the canvas. She claims that she can't get it out, for the rust on the needle!
I did find three other projects that have been kicking around here for years.  The first one is a kit that I found at a show years ago.  It was supposed to be for a fire screen.  I never made it that far... I guess I should at least frame it and hang it somewhere.

The second is a pattern for a modern rug from a book that I bought in England.  The problem is, I did it on fine canvas and it will really only look good in a half inch setting. Oops.  No half inch settings to put it in.

The third one was a bench cover, copied from a book on antique embroidery.  The problem is, I used half of it to cover a stool to go with a dressing table.  I am thinking now that the room needs a matching throw pillow.  It's a shame to waste perfectly good embroidery.

I am going back to work now and finish the rest of the drawers in the jewelry/sewing chest.  Heaven knows what I will find next!

See you tomorrow.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'd love to try making mini rugs or knitting mini blankets, but like you, I have quite the project backlog!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Yes, I too find it fun to start new projects. But it then is no fun
anymore. Which is why so many crafty people find their old unfinished projects
when they start digging.
I went to Michael's Crafts yesterday to get oven-bake clay to make mini dolls.
The one I quoted from their website was not in stock. What I ended up with was
two small blocks of Fimo Soft in #43 Flesh Light (a very pale pink which I like).
So now I can start another project. I hope I can finish this one. You may need
to cheer me on! I also took a look at the mini doll offerings on Etsy and what I
found were the cheap rubber dolls and the expensive porcelain ones. So I see a
market for something in the middle.