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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not Quite Done...

More stuff for the witches... Gift bags to turn into room boxes.  Plastic containers for storage and a vase filled with beads and other silly things to use for minis...

I doubt that there will be any fighting amongst the witches over the debris of my cleaning mania, but at least it will be gone from my workroom.
This is what the bead shelf looks like after yesterday's deep cleaning...

Much better than before. Tessie keeps nudging me and telling me to show you the rest of the room... I don't think so.

Not yet...
She is totally happy now... The chest that she is standing beside is "her" bead stash... Those are all size 14 or smaller...  Yes.  They are to make her jewelry and beaded bags.

She is very anxious for me to finish the cleaning so that I can get to making her some jewelry and bags.  Maybe even a few beaded dresses... Her suggestion.  Not mine.  Tessie! Don't hold your breath on me making beaded dresses!

Tessie here!  "I grabbed the camera and added this photo before Casey could stop me.  Hey!  She took it.  If she didn't want it published, she shouldn't have done it!!!"

OK.  I wrestled Tessie for the camera and won, but she wouldn't let me take this photo off of the blog.

This is what I still have left over from the bead shelves.  I will finish it this morning, before I go to Wednesday Witches. I promised her!

I have plenty of time.  Joan only lives about 5 minutes away and I don't have to be there until one.

I have to go finish the beads now.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Casey, I wish I could come to the Wednesday Witches meeting! I think it would be
fun. I could take those bead boxes off your hands. And you could help me sculpt
my man's hands. Yes, having trouble with that mini man already. Nevertheless, have fun at your meeting and let us know what goes on there.

I have an instruction book on doing mini people, but as I said earlier, it takes
practice, practice, practice to get it right. Making a second attempt today on hands.
The leg/foot went together fairly easily, in case there are newbies that want to know.

Niele♡ said...

Cleaning results are great! I would love to have this box, very useful!