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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another Short Door!

 I dragged out these three bags to show you what is happening... I am not working on the workroom today.  I am working on the green bag to the left of the photo.

The one in the center is one that has the foam core cut to fit inside and the window cut out..

I have done a number of rooms in gift bags over the years, but this one is a little different.

Tessie is already complaining that they  made the door too short...

These have a back wall printed on the interior.  There are cellophane windows in the front, so you can see the interior.  So no cutting of a window in the front.  People are going to have to peek in the windows to see what is going on inside.

A friend sent me four different styles of these a few years ago.  I know I will never do four of them, so I took them with me to Wednesday Witches, yesterday.

I talked three other witches into joining me in bag, room box making. 

Here is the interior of the one that I got after everyone chose the one that they wanted.  Actually, it turned out well.  I liked this one best anyway. 

It has a slate floor at the bottom, and shelves with baskets of flowers.  I think that I will turn it into an indoor garden room.

I have my work cut out for me... Or should I say, my work will be cutting out. I am going to cut out the pieces for the floors and walls for everyone.  The floors will be ceiling tile and the walls foam core.  Easy enough to do.  I may as well since I have the material and tools.

So... Back to the saw and Exacto.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

I am so happy to see you working on the roombox/bag. I was given four Christmas
ones like that many years ago by my sister. They are beautifully illustrated inside
and out. I immediately filled them to make a scene in each. The four are:
- Toymaker which I filled with toys
- Candlesticks, which has two chest of drawers filled with candles
- Bakery with tall cabinet and a table with bakery goods
- Eatery, which I made a new sign for and called The Tea Shoppe. It has a
table, two chairs and a treat table.
The only change I made to the decorating was I gave them all a marble floor with
Contact paper.


Karenann Young said...

I'm in awe of your talent!!!

Caseymini said...

Karen, maybe one of these days, you will be inspired to get into miniature again. I know that you could do it.

Deni said...

I have those bags my daughter sent them to me a long while ago great to see what your doing with them