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Monday, April 11, 2016

For the Birds!

 Tessie is not happy!  I found this birdfeeder at Walmart the other day. 

I brought it in to take a photo today and the first words out of her mouth were... "It will never work!  The door is way to small and half of the windows are fake!"

She was referring to the one above the door.  There is another one on the other end.

To make her feel better, I told her it was a playhouse for kids...

Now she wants to be a kid again... When will I ever learn?

I think that, with a little paint and some shingles, I can turn it into a fun place for the birds to hang out and have lunch.

I stopped at the thrift shop on the way back from shopping and found the small Native American pottery bowl at the right of this photo.

Yes.  It is real Native American, hand thrown, hand painted pottery...However, it had been broken at one point in it's life and someone liked it enough to put it back together with some sort of "pottery" substitute.  I paid a whole two dollars for it.  I had the feeling that it was part of some collectors legacy that nobody thought worth keeping.  I am keeping it! It will still be well loved.

I also bought this wrought iron urn.  I put one of the pottery bowls that I made years ago inside it and filled it with some of Amare's treasures.  It looks great and sparkly in the sun. I may put something else in it later, but for now that's  how it is going to look.
 One of Amare's dinosaurs found it's way into the tomato pot the last time he was here... He works great for holding the tomato plant upright when the wind is blowing.  I don't think that Amare is going to get him back...

This pot is also where the incense burner wound up too.  Weird combination, but I like it.

And both of my tomato plants have lots of buds and some small tomatoes on them!  Success! I actually ate a yellow cherry tomato a couple of days ago.
I hung another find on a leather cord under the patio roof.  I filled that with some of the stones too.  I have to wait for the sun to get to that area to see if I am going to keep it there or not.  I would also like to add something to the bottom. Wire with beads, maybe.

Now all I need is a little patience.

Hmmmm.  Maybe I should go back to workroom clean up now. Enough fooling around.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I think the birdhouse looks fine. The only things I would do are add a
bit of antiquing and repainting the details. But I know you just have to change it
to your specs. I bet it will look "cute".

monse conchello said...

Hola!!! Intento traducir todo lo que escribes pero mi nivel de ingles es flojo, te queria pedir que en tu blog estuviera la posibilidad de traducir al ESPAÑOL. Por favor. Gracias.