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Friday, April 15, 2016

Playing Hooky...

Can be frustrating...I met April and Amare this morning for coffee and thrift shopping... Amare found books and a helicopter...

April and I found nothing!  No fun at all...We even went to a couple of places that we had never been to before. It was a very happy occasion for Amare.  Not so much for us.

When I returned home, I cut out all of the pieces for the boxes that go inside the gift bags/

 That is the only mini related thing I did this morning. 

I tried for a shot of the inside of the bag.  Not much luck.
On top of everything else, Tessie found out that I have been doing beading "on the side". 

She found the box that I took to Wednesday Witches.  Not a good thing.  It is the box that I keep the unfinished Cellini Spirals.  I did get it cleaned out.  Then I found some bronze, metallic super duos.  So much for sorting...

She is still pestering me to make her something with the super duos...  They are way larger than she could handle. 

That is the start of a bracelet that she has on her lap.  For me.  Not for her!

She can't even get up off of the place that she is sitting without a great deal of effort... I don't think that she is going to get anything made with super duos in this lifetime.  That is as small as they make them... I did tell her that, if she manages to find some in 1/12 scale, I will make her a full set.  Bracelet.  Necklace. Earrings... And even a ring... Then I quietly added... "Don't hold your breath..."

I am going back to work on the bag now.

See you tomorrow.

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