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Thursday, April 7, 2016

What the New Thread Will Do!

Tessie and I argued about which to make first.  An afghan or a rug?  I wanted to do the rug.  I knew  that it would take a lot less time than an afghan...

I won.  I simply took the thread and canvas to Wednesday Witches with me.  She couldn't do anything about it. 

Here's what I have so far.

My friend Joan discovered that there were two skeins of each kind of the tie dyed thread.  Which can't be all bad if you want to make a rug and an afghan to match...
I broke down and ordered original Super Sculpey in original beige on Amazon, Monday.  It got here yesterday and it is the right stuff.  I am back in business. 

The old stuff I had was breaking down.  I shattered a couple of the hands that I made the other night.  It absolutely is not supposed to do that.  Being so old, I am not surprised.

Anyway, I told Tessie that, if she didn't behave, I was going to make a mini me.  She told me to go ahead.  I would only be five inches high and she could take me on, since she is 5 1/2" high... She forgot and I reminded her, that I am the one making it and if I decided to go ahead with it, I could make me 6" high and very strong!  Strangely enough, she quieted down and wandered off   somewhere. To someplace where I wasn't... I win!
Last but not least, I think that we have a mommy squirrel.  Sorry about the terrible photo, but I haven't washed the outside of the window since the last rain... Very spotty.

She has been squirreling away nuts by the cheeks full and this morning I saw her going over the back fence with a big hunk of lettuce, hanging from her mouth... Feeding babies or just very hungry?  We shall see in a week or so. 

I am going back to work on the rug some more... Yes. I know. I should finish all of the old rugs before starting something new... Oh well.  What is done.  Is done.  Or at least it's started.

Back to stitching. See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey, It is a Real Problem when something that used to be FINE and readily available is replaced with a New and Improved version, which doesn't perform up to the same caliber as the first. Why do companies do that? :(( Glad that you were still able to get your hands on some more of the Original, and I'm sure that Tessie and Zar are very appreciative too! :D
oh, and- Happy stitching!