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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Clean Slate...

OK. I started the floor for the bag this morning.  I need to keep one step ahead of the rest of the gang.

I used my usual movie trays to do it.  I am actually looking forward to doing something that needs a different kind of floor.  I am in a rut.

First you cut  piece by piece, so that they all fit together.
 As you go, you glue the pieces.  I stated at the front edge of the piece of ceiling tile and worked back.
After I got everything on and the glue sort of dried, I took a #7 crochet hook and used the head to pull down the edge of the tiles.  Then I put in some extra details here and there with the same instrument.
Yes!  It still fits.  Now I have to do the painting.  I will do that tomorrow.  One step at a time and show you what I do, when I do it.  

Looking straight into the sack, from above, it doesn't show up much.  When it is painted, you will be able to see all of the details.
Tessie and I both think that I am going to have to change the cellophane to some clear plexi.  It is hard to see through the cellophane.  It is getting old.

We are fighting over furniture to go inside.  I want wicker(which I already have made) and Tessie wants a workbench for planting... Which I would have to make from scratch. 

I may have to stomp my foot to get my way this time.  I don't want to make another workbench.  It seems like just about every other project that I do needs a work bench.  I am tired of making them.  Back to the argument.

See you tomorrow.

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miniaturista said...

Ha quedado muy bien el suelo de piedra.
Un abrazo