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Friday, April 22, 2016

Sew Ready!

Tessie caught me moving things around this morning and demanded that I give her cottage back to her!

I pulled the cottage, turned hat shop, down from the top of the bookcase so that I could put Cordelia's house up there.

I want to get the Forest Fantasy Cottage off of the kitchen counter.  It is somewhat in the way and hard to clean around, besides.

I took all of the furnishings out of the hat shop and out of Cordelia's house. 

My timing was not good... In fact it was down right bad!

Tessie came in and caught me in the middle and demanded that I give her cottage back. 

She explained, "Since you aren't going to use all of the furniture that was in Cordelia's house, I won't have a place to sew anymore.  So I think that it's only fair that you provide me with a sewing cottage.  You have everything here to do it. Get going... NOW!"

I decided that it was easier to put the furniture that she requested into the cottage and let her have at it.

The bottom floor is very similar to the way she had it set up before...

I saw it coming... She kept all of Cordelia's sewing things and moved them in with her own...

Cordelia won't care.  She hates to sew anyway.

In the process, we found two cats and her favorite alligator.  That made her happy.

Now all I have to do is chase the gator down.  He took off as soon as we got him down from the top shelf... I think that he needed a run and some food.  I moved the cats out of his way!

I am off now to clear the table where Cordelia's house was.  Then Walter will help me move the cottage to that table... Thus clearing the counter.

It's going to be a good day!

See you Tomorrow.

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