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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Running Away Again...

 The Witches are going to have to be on their best behavior today.

We are going downtown to the Tucson Art Museum Complex to eat lunch at Witch Judy's  restaurant.  Her son is the best chef in town, as far as I am concerned.  There is always something special to eat.

But it does mean that I have to behave and Tessie is NOT invited.  She would just walk across the table and take what she wanted from everyone's plate.

So... I took her outside to tire her out, before I have to go.

I am getting ready to build a few Garden Totems. This is the one that she likes the best so far.  I have not glued anything together yet.  I was tempted to glue a lid on that one, but I probably wouldn't be able to get it off when I got back. And I still have a ways to go on that one. If you are interested in them, I started collection photos on my Pinterest site.  I put "Garden Totems" in the search and found tons of ideas.  Go look!

These blue ones are just temporarily stacked to see what they look like.  I found the Mother of Millions plant growing in a bad spot next to the house yesterday. 

I immediately yanked it out and potted it in a proper pot. Believe it or not, I was running short on that type.  The other one, I have millions of.  They are growing all over the yard.  This type didn't do so well with the winter weather.

 I found this cut out pot at Goodwill yesterday.  It is much prettier in person than in the photo. 

I am still working on where I want the wrought iron urn.
 This is a plant with a story.  Out at my favorite nursery, they had Butterfly Bushes for sale. They were huge!  I have no place to plant one that big.

I said to one of the nursery men that I wished that they had smaller ones.  He grabbed a handful of the dead heads on one of the plants.  Grinned at me and said, "Grow your own!"

Hey!  He said I could.  Gave me the seeds and I did it!  These seeds went into my kitchen window in the middle of winter... I now have two Butterfly Bushes.  Home grown. I can't wait for them to flower.  The more butterflies the better!
Last but not least... Tessie talks to dinosaurs.  I overheard her say, "You were wiped out thousands of years ago!  What are you doing here?  No matter that it is a plastic dinosaur.  She just keeps chattering at him.

I really wanted you to see the black rose tomatoes that I am growing. When the tomatoes are full grown, they will be a mixture of black and red... All in the same tomato.  The one in the photo looks completely black.  I think that as it gets larger it will get some red on it. 

I have never seen one of these before, so I had to try it.

Anyway, I had better go get ready.  See you tomorrow.

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