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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Somebody Stop Me!!!

Walter has gone to the U of A basketball game with his friend Jeff, this afternoon.

So... I decided to do more cleaning. I thought that this tiny box would be a good place to start...

I should have thought twice before opening.  Pandora and her box had nothing on me!

All of the items that you see on the tray in the first photo were stuffed in that little box!

Nothing was hanging out over the edges. The box was closed and looked innocent enough.  I carried it into the bedroom and started unloading the contents. 

Then I realized that all I was doing was making more work for myself!

This stuff is left over from my poly clay days and most of it was unfinished.

These are called Natasha beads or Mirror beads and if you put that in the search box to the right, I am sure you will find the instructions. Sanding and polishing is still to be done...  The six on the left of the photo are finished... The fifteen on the right are NOT!  There was even a piece of fine, wet/dry sandpaper in there with them!

Next were a few starts on bead work and embroidery around poured cabochons. I used some stuff that was supposed to look like water in vases with fake flowers.  I got it at Walmart.  It worked just fine and hasn't yellowed over the years. Still looks great.

We will not mention the box somewhere in the workroom that contains many more of these.  I poured a batch of them a few years ago. There were a couple of blog entries when I was doing these too...

Back to the poly clay.  I did a lot of these swirl beads a little later.

Again, some of them are finished.  Thus the cords.  Some are not... No cords.  They also need sanding and polishing...Did I mention that I don't like sanding and polishing?  I don't.

Anyway, I think I have something to do for the rest of the day.  Why did I open that silly little box?

See you tomorrow.


Fashions 10 said...

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Karenann Young said...

Looks like some awesome stuff in there!!!! I'll make sure not to open up small boxes here!!!