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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Late Again...

OK.  It is still officially the sixth.  Yes.  It's a little late, but I didn't scare anybody this time. 

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.  Tessie had the lights on in the upstairs of her townhouse almost the whole night... Sitting in her chair reading and chomping on cookies. 

It's hard to sleep with all of that going on.
April, Seth and Amare came over this afternoon and I had Walter and Seth put a stop to the nightlife in the townhouse... Well at least as it was in the bedroom.

Please notice the empty table... almost...  Tessie still refused to move. She will be moved before I go to bed. 

I didn't have any place to work when the townhouse was sitting there.  Now I can get back to reality and start doing things that need doing.   

I had Walter and Seth move the townhouse back to the living room.  It is back where it started, by the kitchen door.

If Tessie starts keeping lights on all night, it won't bother Buffy and Spike.  They never sleep anyway... At least Spike doesn't.

And if Tessie gives them any trouble, I am sure that Spike will take care of it.  He's about the only one around here that she is scared of.  All he has to do is turn Vamp on her and she runs.

I moved the Observatory earlier and Walter moved Daisy's Cottage for me. They now sit where the townhouse and Casey's Craft Cottage were.

I am going to have to find something to hang on that wall.  It looks a bit bare.

I am thinking that there needs to be a path from the house to the observatory.

That should be easy enough to do with ceiling tile and movie trays.

I still have to finish the kitchen for Daisy too.  It's just a good thing that she doesn't cook.

The kids just went home and I am officially done for the day.

See you tomorrow.

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