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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rug Rats Are Us

I worked on the Russian Rug for a while this morning.

Then I went outside to do some gardening.  That was more fun.  The sun is shining and the leaves are sprouting everywhere.

When I came back in, I started cleaning up some more minis.

This time it was some of the quarter inch boxes.  I realized that I have never shown you the ones that I worked out that are stitched, but not on unseen canvas and with minute stitches.

This first one is the old attic in the trunk scene.  It was the first one of the series that I did.  The rugs were simply printed on muslin and turned under.
Then I came up with the bright idea of doing straight stitches on #22 hardanger cloth. 

And it worked!
This was the first one.  It is mainly straight stitches and some half cross stitches in different directions.  I didn't have a pattern.  I just flew by the seat of my pants.  Not bad for straight stitches on colored fabric.

Next I did one for the bedroom box.  Actually I did the rug for another room, but I liked it in the bedroom.  So it stayed.

It was a bit more complicated.  Center medallion, outer medallion, corner motifs and a border.

I simply started in the center with an elongated cross.  Then I worked out from there. 

I simply kept the outer center the same amount of stitches from the center motif all the way around.  That took a bit of head scratching, but it worked.

I free handed one corner then flipped and rotated it to the other three corners.  The last was the outer border.  I just made sure that it touched the center of each side.  Then I worked out a pattern that would fit.

Now you know the easy way to make a quarter inch rug, without doing a million stitches to finish it. 

Have fun.

See you tomorrow.


Karenann Young said...

They look great!!! Did you see this morning, Sat. March 19, the Time Machine museum was on CBS morning news? It was only a very short show. It was about unusual museums.

Caseymini said...

No. I missed it. It sounds like good publicity for my favorite museum! Thanks Karen.

Lucille said...

I love the rugs, Casey! Cute boxes also!

Caseymini said...

Thanks Lucille, the rugs were fun and I forgot to mention, fast to make!

miniaturista said...

Muy bonitas alfombras
Un abrazo

Troy said...

I really like that first rug. I like the yellows, reds, and grays and the asymmetrical feel of the rug. You always do great work!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
What a job it must be to clean such small scale miniatures. they are just wonderful.
Big hug