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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Open the Door and Let ME IN!!!

Here we go again... This was the state of the workroom when I walked in this morning...

I started in a completely different spot this morning.

By the time I got through the gardening supplies in the tower I had a bit of space left.

By the time I got through the bookcase to the right, I had almost a whole shelf!

Moving things around and a few things out, works wonders!
I set the box from the eighties on the center shelf.  It is going to have to be cleaned and straightened.  Stuff has fallen off of the high shelf. and things are coming off of the doors.

Luckily, I was slow to open the box.... I think that Tessie has forgotten about this one.

I slammed the lid back on the box just in time.

Tessie landed next to it.  Out of nowhere.

She was banging on the Plexiglas so hard that I could hardly get a photo, for the vibrations.

I will have to go work elsewhere until she settles down.

I am going to make her promise to sit in the wicker chair whilst I clean the box.  If she is good, I will let her choose something to take home with her.

If not, I may just take everything out of the box and lock her in.

Back to work. I will take a few photos when the box is back in order.

See you tomorrow.


Hermannus Collenius said...

A good thing you're not called Richard...


Caseymini said...

Pernille, actually I was referencing the Beatles. LOL

Hermannus Collenius said...

I had no idea of that, strangely (never was much into the Beatles).
The other one, now... I still hum it occasionally.