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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Just Two More!

 We are down to the wire!  I have two more goes at radiation and I will be finished!

That means that I will be able to get serious about minis again!

I am almost done with the basket... Tessie thought it would make a great basket for a balloon, until I pointed out that it wouldn't get off of the ground with the heavy pot on the bottom... Oops.  So much for that idea.
Did I mention that she is wandering about pointing out that she has two feet?  Kota's attitude was who cares I need a bath...
She does have Zar on her side though.  They are planning their strategy on getting me to finish the weaver's cottage. 

They don't have to plan.  I was going to do that anyway.

It keeps them out of my hair if they are plotting and making plans, so I just let them. 

They still didn't put the wrong door back in the drawer where it belongs.

Someday I am going to have to figure out where that one belongs.

Meanwhile, I have to go get ready to take my next to the last blast of radiation.

See you tomorrow.


Marilyn D. said...

So glad your ordeal is close to being over Casey. You've been through a lot and managed to keep your spirits up through the whole thing. You're so inspirational in so many ways. Happy thoughts to you. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

Caseymini said...

Marilyn, I still have a Herceptin treatment every three weeks until June but no more radiation every day. For all intents and purposes it is over. All of the support from my readers helped me through it all! Thanks to everyone!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I'm so happy that adventure is coming to an end.
Big hug