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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Let's Party!!!

 I have a surprise party going on.  It's in the Clockwork Trailer, but I wasn't invited.

Sooo I am happily petting Kota and watching my nails dry...

The party started at five this morning.  It was to celebrate my last day of radiation!  However, I was not invited because I wouldn't fit.  Oh well...

I can observe. 

It looks like they have already divided up the bug beer.  Two cans per person... I imagine that they are waiting  for me to leave for the treatment... Then the party will really get going. 

Speaking of getting going, I have to run.  The appointment is at 3:40 and it takes 40 minutes to get there.  It sure will be nice... I won't be having to interrupt what I am doing and leave at three.

Tomorrow I am FREE!

See you then!


Sheila said...

Congrats! Can't imagine how great it must feel to have the end in sight!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. We shall ALL celebrate your new FREEDOM!

Tessa Liduina said...

Such good news, Casey! I wish you good health in future. I hope you will recover very well.

miniaturista said...

Una escena muy bonitas y el gatito un amor.
Un abrazo

monse conchello said...

Muchas felicidades por acabar tu tratamiento. Y gracias por todas tus fotos, eres fuente de inspiración para mi. Me gustaría que estuviera la posibilidad en tu blog de traducir al español pues no siempre lo entiendo. Un saludo cariñoso desde España.