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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Back In Business!

Thursday, I received 12 sheets of #10 count plastic canvas from Amazon... That led me to ordering 12 sheets of #14 count... Now all I have to do is use it all!

That's easy enough to do.  There are so many things that can be made with this stuff.

I am already thinking of making a case/stand for my iPad. 
I need to replace my case for the channel changer and I am doing one for the other two pieces that I need to change over from regular TV to my Apple TV. 

I found a good start for that one.  I never finished it.  Now's the time!

This one will be a case for two clickers in one.
It's just a good thing that I ran across this supply of #5 pearl cotton at a garage sale, years ago.  A lady that owned a store was getting rid of what she had left... I got the whole pile for way, way less that it would have been in a store... I paid 20.00 for the lot!

Of course, if I bring it out, Tessie immediately wants a few things made... I told her that she is on her own for the time being.

I gave her a needle, a couple of patterns and some canvas scraps... At least that will keep her out of the way for a while.

I am going to go stitch away the rest of the day now.

See you tomorrow.

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JDayMinis said...

Casey, I had no idea plastic canvas came in such a small thread count. Sounds wonderful for so many things. Your stash of pearl cotton is like eye candy, what a terrific find. My mom and I once bought out all the sewing threads and wool embroidery threads that were from a small business. I used the tapestry wools for many years of weaving. The threads were 5 cents a spool and I'm still using them. The price has gone up so much. Thanks so much for everything you share, you are such an inspiration. Hugs, Jean