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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another Bunch of Books...

It seems that lately, Kota has taken Zar's place as one of the Terrible Two...

This morning, I cleaned out the bookcase in the bedroom.  He and Tessie harassed me  all the way through.  Zar was nowhere in site.

I did get rid of a few books, but not many.  The ones in this bookcase are used a lot.  Needlework, basketry and furniture books.

I switched out the Mexican room box for these two Early American boxes.  I made the boxes and some of the furniture.  The other furniture is some from pretty well known mini makers.  Once in a while I break down and buy instead of building everything.
Just for fun, I put one of my favorite books between the two rooms.  The title is "The Homes of Our Ancestors".

I am thinking of moving Zar's room box out and putting something else there. I get bored looking at the same thing all of the time...

Tessie rolled out an apple pie and is putting it together... She got it to the stage where she should be baking it... Then she asked, "May I borrow your oven?  There doesn't seem to be one in this silly room.  Didn't early Americans bake pies?"

I am not going to go through  explaining about Dutch Ovens and such to her, so I just told her she could use mine...
I doubt that she will spend much time in these two rooms.  Very inconvenient.  No oven in the kitchen and a baby bed in the bedroom.  She is not the motherly type.

I imagine that the next words out of her mouth will be, "Put this thing(baby bed) somewhere else.  I don't have a need for that particular piece of furniture... I don't think that Spike would like it... It moves!". 

The other problem will be the sampler on the wall above the bed... It reads, "For every evil under the sun, there is a remedy or there is none.  If there be one, seek til you find it.  If there is none, then never mind it."  I have always liked that particular poem... Tessie, not so much.  She wants a solution to everything.  And she wants it immediately or sooner!

Anyway, Walter is on his way home with lunch.  So... I am going to take a break and wander around to see if I can find something to trade for Zar's room box.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


miniaturista said...

Tu habitacion con libros y escenas esta muy bonita y avogedora.
Soy como Tessie,me gusta solucionar todo, le comprendo.
Un abrazo

kathy r said...

I can smell the apple pie. Be sure and save a piece for me.
Kathleen Mary