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Friday, January 22, 2016

Sorting and Pitching Is Not a Spectator Sport!

 At least I don't believe it is.

I started another stack of books to wander away to new owners.

I think that this is the third or fourth stack.

Some of these are outdated and others are just thrift shop finds that I will probably never open again. 

I am actually starting to see openings here and there in the bookcases!
The rug is moving right along.  It doesn't look a lot different, but keep in mind that there are 15,000 stitches in this one.  And each one is a cross stitch.  So technically, I could say that I am doing 30,000 stitches in all...

The more I do on this one, the more I like it. It is going to look old and worn when I am finished.
I did get a bit more straightening done in the workroom.  I still need to do more on this section.  You should have seen it when I started!

The bead boxes are about due for a going over from top to bottom.  Not a fun job.
The spectators are having a wonderful time... both making comments as I work.  Then they get in a huddle and whisper about what I am doing.

It tends to distract, rather than help. A sarcastic, snickering cat is not at all helpful and a whispering witch is even worse.

I am going back to the workroom now.  I have a doctor's appointment at 1:45.  We have to set up the radiation therapy next.  I am told that this part is easy. 

Anyway, I should get a bit more done before we leave.  Back to making order. where there is none.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Good luck, Casey!

Mary said...

I admire your self-control, Casey. I can never seem to pry my fingers loose from a book long enough to discard it, even when I know I'm likely never to use it again. Good luck on the sorting and pitching!