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Friday, December 11, 2015

Tea and Dollar Tree...

This is as far as I have gotten with the tea basket.  It is hard to tell, but the thing is in the shape of a snail shell.  It will be more easy to tell, once I am finished.

I put the tea bags in to see if it was going to be the right size.  It is.  Now I can finish it and fill it with new tea bags when it is done.

I need to do another inch and then do some edge work.
I went to Dollar Tree this morning.  They have the little LED Christmas trees again this year.  The one on the left is the one from last year.  This year they put fine glitter on the outside.  Nice for a change. 

The ones from last year show no signs of dead batteries.  That makes me a happy camper.  I imagine it would be cheaper to just buy new trees than to try to find the batteries that go inside.
In other Dollar Tree news, they still have the little lights that I used in the observatory.  Unfortunately, no black.  Lots of colors and white.

I also spotted some glue dots that I had not seen before.  36 for a dollar.  The blue bag is permanent and the green one is reposition able.  I thought that those would be good for minis.  The dots are 1/2" across I imagine that they can be cut to smaller sizes if needed.  I will let you know when I use them.

For now, that's all the news that's fit to print.  Back to the basket.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Lucille said...

Your basket is coming along nicely and the tea bags look pretty in it. As for those little LED Christmas trees, I love them. We have a Dollar Tree that opened up around here. I will certainly drop by to see if they have these. I will also look for those glue dots. You're right. They can be cut. Thanks for the good tips, Casey!