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Thursday, December 17, 2015

One Rock at a Time!

I rocked the base today... It took me a good four hours +.

I cut up the theater trays that I needed and went to work.  I cut the outer edges first.  The ones that bend over the edge. 

I didn't need much plain old flat stuff.  I only did the front sidewalk with that.
 Before I started gluing, I put the house where I wanted it on the board and then drew around it with a pencil.

Then, one piece at a time I cut the bent edges and the flat stuff for the front walk.

The next step will be to crease all of the lines between the stones.  I have to go hunt up a couple of crochet hooks that I use for that.
Just to show you what it is going to look like, I sat the building back on the board... Also to check and make sure I liked where I was going with this.

I do... But I think that I am going to quit for today. 

April and Amare are coming over tomorrow, so that will probably be a non mini day... We shall see.

I need to clean up the real kitchen... Maybe I should make cookies before I do that... There's a method to my madness... If I make cookies, I may get some help from the Terrible Two on the minis.  Wish me luck! 

Tessie wields a pretty mean crochet hook.  I am going to go make bribes now... I think chocolate would be best.

See you tomorrow...

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Lucille said...

A little bit here and there gets the job done!