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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Do Overs and Refills...

OK... Our family room is going to look like a jungle for another two nights. 

It was supposed to be 24 degrees last night.  It was 30.  Tonight and tomorrow night are also supposed to be below freezing...

Thus the jungle!

This morning, my friend Judy came over for curtain lessons... Thus the do overs in the title...

These are the curtains for Daisy's kitchen.  I took them off of the pin board to make room for something else. 

While Judy was learning the pin method of pleating, I was using these to demonstrate.  They needed repining anyway.

We needed white glue for hemming... Non of my glue syringes were working. So I taught Judy the fine art of refilling glue bottles.

These are Elmer's School Glue bottles.  They come three to a package. They are very cheap just before school opening every year.  They are handy dandy, but not with school glue.

I discovered that you can simply twist the nozzle the wrong way and it will come right off.  Then you can dump the school glue into a bottle. Rinse out this container and refill it.  Twist the nozzle back on, again in the wrong direction, and you have a handy, dandy carry around glue bottle with a fine tip.

With a bit of practice, you can get an extremely fine line of glue for hems and trims.

OK.  So these lines aren't perfect.  I was in a hurry.  Anyway, that's the tip for the day.  I have to get back to the Weaver's Workshop now.

See you tomorrow.


Lynnet Wayfarer said...

You didn't mention what kind of glue you refill the Elmer's Glue tubes with?

Please, if it wouldn't be an inconvenience, could you tell me?

Caseymini said...

Lynnet, I filled them with regular Elmer's. The school glue is water soluble. The regular is not. You could use any of the white glues. I prefer a thinner white glue when working with fabric.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Thanks for the great tip!
Big hug

Cara said...

I have some of those laying around that I wondered if they could be refilled with better glue! Thanks so much for the tip :D

Lucille said...

Thanks for the tip, Casey! Much appreciated!