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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Saving the Best Until Last

First of all, look at this photo and think of Junior Mints... This is a plant of Chocolate Mint that I bought last week.  I just now potted it.  If I grew it in the ground, I would either have a dead plant by spring or I would have minty ground cover... Thus the pot.
Next, think of this as a finished scarf... I still have another ball of yarn in the same color way... I am just going to keep crocheting until I run out.  This one might just be for me.  I am liking the color a lot... It is going pretty fast.  I did this in the last two evenings whilst watching TV.

Now to the serious part of the conversation...

I found this at Goodwill this morning. It still had the label attached! I couldn't resist it.  It is about 1/2" scale and the back unscrews....

No... I haven't unscrewed it.  Yet...  Why???

Because it's for the birds! It is partitioned in the center, between the two windows.  There is a hole in either end. 

Now all I have to do is find somewhere in the back yard to put it.  Everything that I have read says that birdhouses should be five or six feet off of the ground.

A three foot table will never do.  I have to find something taller!

When I get it in place,  it is going to make a couple of birdy families very happy. 

Wish me luck!   I am off to search for a stand of some kind.

See you tomorrow!

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