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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Faux Marble...

Or maybe quartz...  I painted samples this morning... I am leaning towards the black marble or maybe the far left gray quartz-y looking sample. Whatever one I choose will have a shiny finish when I am done.

The marbles were painted with a fine brush.  The quartz ones were with a sea sponge.  Both with a little bit of help from my fingers. 

Maybe I should just show you my fingers.  They are very brightly painted right now.  It will wear off...
I moved everything out of the cottage. People and dogs followed the food.  I don't even have to ask them to move while I do some more painting on the floors and stone walls.  Cookies all around.
Kota is a good search kitty.  I have been looking for my roll of copper tape for the past 24 hours... I lifted the skirt on the table to get to the paint drawers. 

Kota went under the table.  When I tried to get him out, I found the tape... Good kitty!

Now I can do some other trim that I had planned for the kitchen. 

Back to the kitchen and the cupboards.

See you tomorrow.

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Troy said...

The faux stone looks great!