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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Plants 101

Yes. I am working on the kitchen.  No... I am not going to show you... I am waiting for marbleized counters to dry.  Not very interesting.

So.... I decided to show you my latest transplants...

See the basil in the small pot?  I cut two stems from the larger pot.  Stripped them of bottom leaves and put them in an antique Vaseline bottle about 4 days ago!  That's all the time it took for roots to form.  I put them in their new home this morning. 

Soon I will have more basil than I can shake a stick at. 
These two tiny plants are butterfly bush.  One of the guys at my favorite nursery gave me some seed.  It was straight off of one of their plants that had quit blooming. 

Still holding my breath on this one.  Those are just starter leaves that you see. 
 After I took the basil out of the Vaseline bottle,
I replaced them with  some pieces from my Lavender plant.  Back to crossing fingers.  These were also a suggestion from Pinterest.  See what I mean about Pinterest getting me into trouble. 

Now I am holding my breath for Lavender to root...

As soon as it does, I will replace it with something else.

The Vaseline bottle is so old that it was just Cheseborough Mfg. Co.  Nobody named Ponds involved! The information was cast right in the glass with raised lettering.
This was one of the first plants that I took starts from and made new plants.  I don't know how many times I have done it with this one.  I simply cut one of the little arms off and stick it in the dirt.  That's about as simple as new plants can get.

It is probably one of the ugliest cactus plants that you will ever encounter, but it is one of my favorites.  Every spring, it sends out long stems.  Each stem has only one flower, but they are my favorite flowers.  They are about 1/2" across, five petals, in a soft pink.

What's weird about that?  I don't normally like pink anything, but I like these flowers.  I will have to take a photo for you next spring. You will see what I mean.

Now I am going back to kitchen counters.  They will soon be dry enough to install.

See you tomorrow.

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