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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let's Get This Party Started!!!

I am finished!!! This was a fun project. Thanks HBS for furnishing me with the kit! 

I felt like I could do anything with it.  I didn't have to win a contest.  I like that kind of project.  Just having fun.

Now I want to move into this place.

I like Tiny Houses... I look at all of the HGTV programs on building and buying those.  This is the one that I would like to live in.

About the roof.  This is what I did. 

I put a skylight in and painted the roof green.  Then I cut up, at random, some foam blocks that I got at Dollar Tree. 

I got the foliage at a train store.  Glued that over the blocks and made sure that they covered the edges of the roof as well as going down on some of the trees, part way.

This morning, when the party got underway, the witches took over the roof.  They are more at home up there.

Tessie is the only witch that feels comfy in small spaces.

The dogs took over the bathroom.  Private doggy party there.

The gang filled up the rest of the house. Not a lot of room left.

If you were wondering where Tessie went, she is in the kitchen. 

She is still adding things to the Bat Wing Stew.

More people keep arriving.  More bat wings have to be added.  There are mice running all around the house. 

I think that I told you once before.  Tessie puts a spell on the bats to turn them into mice and the wings fall off.  Painlessly.  No left over parts that way. Just a lot of confused mice trying to fly...

Anyway, dinner will be ready in just a little while... It will be served on trays.  The table just isn't big enough for this crowd!

I have to go now and dream up something new to work on.

See you tomorrow.


Walter said...

Congratulations Casey, the house is incredible. I am fortunate to have had a ringside seat watching your creative process followed by artistic execution. It has been fun to watch the progress each day. And all while dealing with challenges only we know. Now you just need to find a place in the house to put it!

Jodi Hippler said...

Ditto what Walter said, Casey! You transitioned all that creativity into reality just wonderfully! I only wish like Walter, I could stop by and stare at it for a spell! Can't wait for your next batch of creative genius!

Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

Amazing! You made a beautiful structure and so unique! You have real vision. Congrats!!!

De said...

The cottage is absolutely beautiful, Casey! For me, working on minis helps me de-stress and takes me away for just a bit from whatever struggles life has brought. I hope working on the Forest Fantasy Cottage has helped you in a similar way. I can't wait to see what's next! :-)

Cara said...

You did it again, Casey! It's absolutely fantastic! So imaginative.

Lucille said...

Well done once again,Casey! Another triumphant creation!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I'm happy to see The Forest Fantasy Cottage is now complete. It's my favorite. Great job!

Jessica Powell said...

This is awesome, it all looks so natural x

Marilyn D. said...

Congratulations Casey. As always - it is just fantastic. You are so inspiring to me. I wait with bated breath for your next foray!- Marilyn D., Canada

April said...

Spectacular, Mom! Did you mix up that potion we can drink to shrink us down to scale to join the party yet? Let me know when it's ready ;-) Looking forward to visiting the new digs.

claude said...

very beautiful realization

Pepper Mitcheson said...

Finished already? Man, you're fast. Congratulations on your fabulous build; it's wonderful and I love the organic feel to it. It's amazing to see how many designs have evolved from one kit.

Debra Morin said...

This is fantastic Casey! It looks like it just sprung up from the forest floor! Miniature Genius!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! How Wonderful to see your HBS cottage completed and it is MORE Exciting than I ever could have imagined! I love the tree tops and the way that you have the interior open and easily viewed so all of the incredible details are able to be seen. There is not a false note anywhere. The way that you have united the inside decor and theme, with the outside landscaping, is particularly pleasing to see. It looks to me Exactly like a magical treehouse in the middle of an enchanted forest. Well Done Casey, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D