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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Much Too Nice to Stay Inside!

Yesterday, I did start one of the purses.  I still have to stain the handle bars, but I have it half crocheted already and have found some leather to use for bottom corners, fasteners and handles.

I think that the leather will be more practical than crochet for handles and such. 

Tessie is trying to commander the body of the purse for a sleeping bag... Not going to happen!
 This morning I decided that it was much too nice to stay inside. 

I did a couple of trays of starter plants for new succulents.   Don't ask the names.  I can't remember and they long ago lost the tags that they came with. 

All I know is... If you stick them in dirt with a little rooting hormone powder, they will sprout!

Evidence of this is in a lot of my pots... Pay no attention to the peanut shells that you see here and there.  The squirrels have their own program going... However, theirs won't work.  The peanuts were roasted.

The Baked Bean Sedum in this pot just naturally spreads by putting out roots on it's stems.  I don't have to do anything at all, but cut them off and shove them in some dirt.

I learned that part from Walter's dad.  He had the stuff growing all over his yard.

Again, I don't remember the name of this one, but if the larger leaves fall off or are cut and lay in the dirt, they will form the cute little plants that you see on the cut end of the two leaves to the left.

This is why I like succulents.  Easy to grow and very hard to kill!

I will probably take a couple more leaves off of the big piece and shove the remainder into a pot.  That also will grow a new plant.
This is the other dish that I potted.  Various kinds of succulents.  Some I even found on the floor of the porch.  They will grow.  Very hardy. 

Now that it is warming up outside, I am coming indoors to start mini work  and/or crocheting the purse again.  I am thinking minis first and then as a reward, crochet.  That way I will get more of the cottage finished.

I am getting the urge to start something new!  I have still not figured out how to get the photos of the house onto my Pinterest site.  I have tried several times to no avail. I am now wondering if the one time that I tried and gave up and erased everything did something to block it.  Oh well... I tried.

See you tomorrow.


Karin Corbin said...

You need to install a browser button from pinterest that is specific to the browser you use. Once you have that installed just open your blog and hover over the photo you want to add to pinterest. I will launch a box that contains all of your pinterest folders. Then select the one you want the photo added to and its done.

Here is the link from pinterst for selecting and installing the browser buttons.

Lucille said...

Interesting succulent garden! I love succulents also, especially the small ones. Alas, a gardener, I am not. I just love to look at gardens but not work in them!