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Friday, October 2, 2015

If I Only Had a Brain!!!

First of all, would you care for something to drink?  NO!

This stuff could be deadly.

I took the mixture out of the plastic and put it in an old glass.  More steel wool.  I think that the plastic and steel wool were not playing well together. 

By tomorrow, I should have the color that I want to use.
Now the brain part... Oops! 

I started to build the box in three pieces. Then I decided that it would be easier to do it all in one.... I should have gone with my instincts.

I forgot that a square peg doesn't always fit in a square hole.  Especially if it can't go straight in!

First I tried getting it in the side...
Then I tried getting it in the top... Unfortunately I didn't think about the beam, running across the roof...

There was no way to get the big box in the little hole.

I wound up cutting the end off of the right side.  I am going to have to rebuild the boxes anyway.

I think that I want the cut to run from front to back.  Not side to side.
That did give me a chance to see what the fridge would look like in that corner.

Not bad.

April and Amare are coming over this morning, so I probably won't get a lot more done.

At least I think that it is going to work if I do it in three pieces now.

Back to work.  I need to get more done before they get here.

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

Hi Casey! I think you have done a lot. Building all those boxes and fitting them. I can appreciate the work that went into that. Hope you had a lovely visit with April and Amare!