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Thursday, October 1, 2015

If All Else Fails....

Do something else... In my case, it was taking photos with my iPad... And trying to send them to myself to put on the blog. 

I couldn't remember how to empty the card of photos that was full on my ELPH... Most irritating.

Walter looked it up for me a couple of weeks ago... I couldn't find the website today..... GRRRRRR....

So I proceeded to take some photos of the other project that I was working on this morning.

I have been dissatisfied with the three bracelet bars that I was putting all of my bracelets on.  The silly things were top heavy and every time I went to get a bracelet to wear, I would knock the whole thing over and likely another one besides. 

So the only solution was to find another way to store the bracelets... Birdcage came to mind.

This one has been sitting on the back porch since April or May when I purchased it at Goodwill.

I decided to experiment... It holds all of the bracelets that the three wobbly stands did and 18 pair of earrings besides!

I can spin it around and see all sides!  I put it in one of my grandmother's black glass dishes.  The dish has a chip out of one side, so I am not worried about messing it up, but with the birdcage on top, it doesn't show. And I like the dish.  Chip or no chip.

I was going to do some more on the kitchen, but Tessie disappeared and I am not doing it all by myself. 

I might just have to go find the tall birdcage that I bought a month or so ago and turn that one into a jewelry display too.  I haven't decided what kind of mini will go in it yet and it may as well be put to good use for the time being.

I'm off to look for Tessie now.  She had better be in the mood to work!  I want to get the cottage finished!  On to something else!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Your jewelry looks very nice on the bird cage. A fantastic idea!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
THat is just clever! Well done!
Big hug,