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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time Out...

OK. the chain won.

I couldn't resist trying to do what I had in  mind for the double ended watch chain.

It worked! 

First I tried the mother of pearl finished discs.  I mounted them on a piece of wire, with loops on either end for fastening to the chain.

Next, I tried doing polished stones with loops on either end.  Seven linked together worked well.

After that, I found a  shell fragment that I wire wrapped a while ago.

I never liked it on the kumihimo braid.  I do like it on this. 

The watch chain was gold plated, over copper.  The copper is showing through in places and the two look like they belong together.

Since I was doing copper, I tried it with a wire wrapped wood sample.  That one is OK, but I am not terribly crazy about it.

I tried other things and they probably will work too, but I am not going to show you twenty photos of different things hung on a chain.

I am very happy with how the experiment worked out.

Now I can wear the watch chain as a useful piece of jewelry. 

Kota stuck through the whole experiment, but refused to try on the jewelry for photos.  He just rolled over on his back and laughed at me.

We are going to have to have a serious talk about his predecessors and how they cooperated with me on modeling.

Now I will go back to the cottage and get serious about finishing it.

See you tomorrow.


Karin Corbin said...

At least he lets Tessie hang out lying in his arms without biting her head off (*_*)

But you will have to quickly train him to let you dress him up for the October Weds Witches party. Or just cut an extra large artificial pumpkin in half and give it to him for a seasonally appropriate cat bed with a cushion in it.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Nice jewelry. Clever idea. Truthfully, I had this same idea a few years ago,
but never did anything with it. It has great possibilities.
Wonderful kitchen appliance sketches. Crazy, but wonderful! You are having WAY too
much fun! I'm sure the Fun Police will be paying you a visit soon.

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! You will have a lovely assortment of new jewelry pieces to wear! I love them all! Kota is just being Kota, of course!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Those are beautiful. Well done. Great, just what you needed, someone else in your home to give you a hard time ;)
Big hug