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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cleaning Up the Kitchen

I wasn't satisfied with the kitchen appliances that I did the other day, so..... Back to Dust.  Dust Furniture.These just looked warped.  Nothing interesting about them.

First, I tried the refrigerator. I used one of the closed cabinets as a basis.  It turned into a side by side style fridge.

I have to go in and let the vampires have a bit of my blood today... After that, I am free to do as I like for the rest of the day. 

Tomorrow is chemo.  That is actually not bad.  I just sit in a recliner and let them pump stuff into me.  All of the time that they are messing around with that, I get to play with minis or anything else that I can do whilst sitting in a recliner.  Kind of fun actually.  I have been very lucky so far.  Not a lot of side effects.  Fingers crossed.

I like this piece best.  It was an open unit for under a TV with places to put the components and other things.  The only change I made was to drop the arched top so that it would hide the sink.
I don't really like the stove yet.  I may go back and see if there is something else that I can use as a basis for stove design. It seems a bit boring...

It would be easy if I didn't put in an oven, but Tessie has to have an oven.  No self respecting witch would have a stove without one.  How can you have roast beast, without it?

Anyway... This is about all I can do before I have to run to let the vampires have their little vials of blood to play with.

I can hardly wait to see what I can do with the sink!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! I also prefer the new pieces you have designed. I do love that stove too. Hope all went well today. Think of you every day, Casey, and always hoping you are okay. Pray for you every day. You are such a good soldier!

azteclady said...

Here's with crossed fingers for little to no negative symptoms from the chemo.

Lené said...

Hm, if you want a more exciting stove, how about incorporating the chimney pipe section on one side with a swooping art nouveau flourish? Good luck for your next session!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am really liking the direction you're taking! I'm really happy the side effects are minimal. Hang in there!
Big hug,