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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Movable Feast... Moves...

 Or the alternative title... How to get rid of an unwanted homeowner...This morning I started cleaning up Daisy's house.  With ulterior motives...

First of all, I don't think that I ever showed you a close up of the coffee table in her house.

The top is a slice of petrified shells.  If it was smaller, I would be making jewelry.

The other table, that sits by the front door, is a Bill Ellis creation.

Back to ulterior motives... I finished cleaning and went over to the Tudor Trailer.  Yes, the party was still going strong.

I announced, in a very loud voice.  "OK!  The party is moving!  All of you out.  Daisy's cottage is clean and she needs a housewarming!"

That was the easy way out.

In a bolt of lightning, everyone disappeared from the trailer.

I went to look and sure enough all of the people AND animals were already settling into Daisy's cottage.

It was like the whole party shifted a bit to the east and started up again where it left off.

Spike was the only startled one... He landed near the bathroom.  He looked in and then turned to the group, saying, "Hey!  There's an elephant in the bathtub!"

They calmed him down and told him not to bite.  Explaining that the baby elephant was there to clean the tub and always did a very good job.

I started counting heads and lo and behold, exactly what I planned, has happened!

All present and accounted for.
I caught up with Tessie and Daisy on the roof. 

Daisy glared at me and growled, "You did that on purpose!  Those people won't leave before next Wednesday, if then."

I grinned and marked one for me on the score card. 

Then she turned to Tessie and said, "Send the carrier pigeon when Casey has quit fooling around and is done with my house.  I will be down in Tombstone with Bat and Wyatt. The pigeon will know when and where to deliver the message."

With that, she let herself into the time machine with her luggage and backpack.  In  a flash, she was gone.

Problem solved!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow!


Lucille said...

There certainly was a lot of action going on at your place today, Casey! lol! Never a boring moment with that crowd, that's for sure. On a more serious note, those two tables are quite unique. Love them! I have never seen anything like them before.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Well done! Happy working!
Big hug,

Fabiola said...

The coffee tables are amazing.