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Friday, September 25, 2015

Minis Can't Keep You Awake...

I proved that today.  I kept falling asleep all through the hours of chemo.

This morning I got out the box of book supplies.  I was going to put some of them in the workbox for today...

To my great surprise, I found a huge supply of made books and magazines already to put on shelves.

It must have been the house elves that did it.  I don't remember making them.... Maybe I did it while doing chemo.  For some reason, the drugs let me work a blue streak.  Punctuated by short cat naps.

Having Kota around, I know about those.  It also helps to know about them when you are about to do chemo and bookbinding in the same time frame...

I switched over to the unfinished baskets, in the basket box.

I did all of the open work in the center rows of the basket and then started closing the top in, by drawing the wire in closer to the center as I went.

It is done with a four stitch wrap.  That is you wrap the string/cord around the base wire four times and then drop it down to the row below that one and attaché it by running it through the bottom of the row before.

I also ran across an almost finished tray basket with a copper drop.  It still needs a coat of varnish on the bottom.  If it is to be used, I will have to put a layer of plastic over the top... I may just hang it somewhere and let it be decorative.
Tessie found five hats in the work basket and accused me of hiding them.. whinging and whining, "How could you?  I can always use a new hat or two... Or three".

She would have you believe that she did all of the work on the yellow basket...

She didn't I did the work whilst taking a chemical bubble bath...(Not really.)  Just a bunch of stuff leaking into me, while I worked.  The doctor is very pleased with my progress... Not at basket weaving.  Just at my ability to heal and shrink tumors with her help.

One more treatment to go and then they re evaluate what is happening so far.

I may be a little late, but I am going to try not to break a seven and a half year streak of every day blogging. Eight years in February!

See you tomorrow!!


azteclady said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on how things are going with your health. I know I'm not alone in sending you good thoughts and keeping you (and Walter, and April, and Amare and Kota) in our prayers.

Here's to fast shrinking tumors!

Claudia said...

Sending you love and prayers, my friend.


Cara said...

I'm incredibly glad for your talent for healing and shrinking tumors! You are an incredibly talented lady but I think that's my favorite talent of yours by far. We've all come to adore you over the years and want you around for many, many more! <3 <3

Mieke Adr said...

Good to read that the chemo is doing it's nasty work! Still keeping my fingers crossed. And what a surprise all the books you've found. Maybe Tessie does some work to show her appriciation for all your hard work for her? ;-)

Karin Corbin said...

I am glad you have been able to tolerate the chemo as well as you have. Napping is good, sleep is a great healer!

Lucille said...

You are such a trooper, Casey! Keeping you in my prayers, always!