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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Need to Use the Bathroom!

That was Tessie.  She is just going to have to wait a while or go use one of her other bathrooms.

I have all of the furniture together and painted, but no hardware on them yet.

It is hard to tell, but the sink is a couple of shades darker than the cabinet.

The toilet and tank are two different shades of blue also. 

 I tried an ochre color on the sink.  That didn't work for either Tessie or I.  To weird.   Thus the two shades of one color on both.

I can keep my options open and still repaint at any given moment.
I had to put the mirror frame under a book to dry.  It needs to be perfectly flat to the wall.

I still have to do the leading, but that will have to wait until the window and mirror are completely dry.

Meanwhile, Kota and Tessie decided to nap, until further notice.

No.  Kota is not trying to eat Tessie.  He just likes to sleep with his head in her lap... Granted, the lap is a little small for his big head, but Tessie doesn't mind, so I don't either.

I will wake them both up when I am finished doing the leading.  For now, they are both happily napping and out of the way...

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

All the pieces are looking very nice. Are you not afraid that Kota will tear Tessie apart?

Caseymini said...

No Lucille. The two of them are more likely to band together and come after me! They get along famously. Both are slightly evil. G

Deni said...

A www love your cat he's just gorgeous I had a black and white cat oh years ago now his name was Scooter he used to scoot around he was so lovely
Kota reminds me so much of him
Can't wait to see this leading your so clever if I could have half of your skills wow I'd be so chuffed
Have a great day
Hugs to you and Kota l

Lalka Crochetka said...

I watched your previous post when you were making bathroom's furniture and now I am amazed by final result. It looks fantastic! so modern, but still in doll's style. Execellent work!
and I love the name of your cat - Kota sounds a bit polish, am I right? pretty fur friend :)

mcddiss said...

pues nadie diria que los muebles no tienen el mismo tono , te han quedado geniales , que suerte que Tessie se quedase dormida con Kota, seguro que el la mantendra a raya



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The bathroom is looking amazing! I just love the furniture and the shades of yellow and green are perfect.
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

Lanka, Its not polish, as far as I know. His name was Dakota when we adopted him. I shortened that and then found that it was the name of another Indian tribe. Also the name of a town in India among other things. I searched on the net for meanings, but didn't find anything Polish.

Lalka Crochetka said...

Kota in Polish we use as a pet name for a cat who is girl ... it is not 'dictionary' word I would say, more colloquial and informal. Anyway it has only good, friendly 'sound' :)
I didn't know it was Indian tribe ... one set of letters and so many meanings :)

Caseymini said...

Thanks for the info, Lalka. I just hope that Kota doesn't find out that we are calling him a girl in Polish. G

elizabeth s said...

Lovely paint job on the bathroom units Casey! The colors go well with the shower curtain and really add to the fantasy theme. :))

Lalka Crochetka said...

hope he doesn't find it out ... but if he does - tell him that anyway he prooved he is male doesn't matter how you call him :) or tell it isn't polish word only name of Indian tribe :)
wish you lots of inspirations and looooots of time for your work - love to see photos of your next steps. It always makes my eyes happy :)