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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Too Many Years....

I'm still trying to clean minis.  A little bit at a time...

I went for my favorite quarter inch house this morning. 

The plan for this was in one of the old, small Nutshell News magazines.  Long, long ago...

I think that I may still have the plans somewhere around here. If I find them I will let you know what issue.  No guarantees though.

I never have been as fond of half scale as I am of one inch and quarter scale. So when I found the half inch plans, I scaled them down by half. 

At the time, I was doing a lot of quarter inch with my friends.

The dark wicker chair on the front patio is made just like my larger pieces only with 28 gage wire and sewing thread, instead of crochet cotton.
I made the logs across the top so that they could be slipped out for cleaning... Little did I know that I would, from time to time, ignore the fact that it needed cleaning, and leave it sitting on the shelf for months at a time...

Walter walked in while I was taking photos just a little bit ago and said..."Why don't I remember that?" 

Maybe it's because I leave it on it's shelf and never clean it.
Anyway, I pulled the logs back and did a lot with a paintbrush.

As I took the photos, I noticed that I missed the wrought Iron bars on the windows.  I have to go back and do those, before I put it back on the shelf.

The chest in the corner is one that I made when I was doing shows.  I did a lot of them with different tops.  They sold like hotcakes.  They could be used as a chest in 1/4" or as a jewelry box in 1" scale.

I will now stop pounding on the keyboard and go find a paintbrush.  I have windows to wash...

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Casey, I don't know how people can manage to handle those small pieces of 1/4 scale. It would drive me crazy!

Lisa Churchward said...

Love your posts
I look forward to them you are such a talented lady

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. It's a GOOD THING that you clean your mini boxes and talk about it on your blog. Otherwise, I may not get mine cleaned. Keep it up.