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Monday, August 3, 2015

Getting Potted...Again

 I would be doing minis or cleaning the workroom or other such nonsense, but.... I have an excuse.

A couple of days ago I noticed a spot on my eyelid that looks like a sty... Surprise!  I haven't had anything like that in decades!  Well, I have one now and it is most irritating!

I am using the drops that the doctor prescribed, but it is still there and most annoying when I am trying to concentrate on something tiny.

So, Tessie and I decided that something less tiny would be good.  We opted to go out on the back porch and re pot a bunch of plants.  Those are much easier to see than minis.

The first item was a bunch of "Moses in a boat" that I cut off of the plant that I had growing in the ground behind the porch.  I noticed that they were looking a bit chewed upon... Yup. Squirrels.

When they don't think that they got enough lettuce and apples, they start foraging in my plants. 

I also find peanuts, shell and all, buried in the pots.

They think that is a great place to hide them for later.

Anyway, I filled a plate with all kinds of squirrel goodies Then I went back to work.

I finished what you see here.

Now all I have to do is the whole other side of the porch.  Oh! and a few on the floor that you don't see in the other photo... I didn't want to scare you.
As soon as I gave up and came indoors, there was a stampede! Squirrels everywhere!

I caught two of them from the desk.  The photo quality is not great.  I took it through the screen. But considering how fast they move, I was lucky to get that!

I am now going to finish this and find something else to do that doesn't require tiny parts or tiny stitches. 

Hopefully this will be gone soon.  Until then, I guess I can clean tomorrow.  If I have to...

See you then.


Elizabeth S said...

I Love it when you can see Nature up close and personal! I would have to assume though, that Hudson Hawk is nowhere about.
I sure hope that your sty clears up quickly Casey!

Lucille said...

Hope your sty disappears soon, Casey! You have a beautiful collection of plants. I only have one potted one on my balcony. It's a huge hanging basket but I cut off the thingy to hang it up because we're not allowed to hang plants on our balconies. We can only have them on the floor. They're yellow flowers and it's a huge planter. They're so beautiful. I don't know what they're called though. My daughter-in-law gave it to me. I love flowers. I should really learn their names. Even at this late stage in my life. Chuckling here!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I hope your sty goes away quickly. how irritating it must be. On the other hand, you did get a lot of work done in the yard and the plants look's hoping the squirrels won't chew everything to bits.
Big hug,