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Saturday, August 1, 2015

All For Nothing...

 I saw a couple of ideas for storing jewelry on Pinterest a week or so ago. 

I have had my rings in the top opening of my jewelry chest/embroidery chest...

Every time I needed to get in there, I had to lift whatever was on top, to gain access... Not convenient.  The crypt was a heavy move.

I thought that this book/ ring holder was very clever.  You can definitely get a lot of rings in one book.  I have books everywhere and some I never look at.  A good way to use them.

The other idea was for bracelets.  I have a couple more bottles like this somewhere... If I ever find them, I will have more than enough storage for my bracelets.

It is easy to get just one bracelet on and off.  Unlike the bracelet bar that I bought at Walmart a couple of years ago.  That one, I had to fight with to get the bracelets on and off.
This one, I simply grab the bracelet I want and pull it up over the top.

I just thought that someone might like one of the two ideas.
Actually, I am going to keep using the bottle idea.  That one is a winner.

The book, I am not so sure.  The rings keep falling out of the cracks.

I think it would be much easier if all of the rings had the same sized bands. 

I kept thinking and finally solved the problem.  I went and got the basket shop. It is very light and easy to move.  Tessie likes that one.  She is a very good basket maker and enjoys spending time there. 

Now maybe she will get some baskets made whilst I am working on the Forest Fantasy Cottage... She can yell at me and tell me what I am doing wrong from across the room.

I am going to put the rings back in the top of the chest now.  All I have to do is move Tessie and baskets when I want to get to the rings. That should be easy enough. And I don't have to run after rolling rings that way.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


De said...

I love the bottle idea. I have a lot of bracelets so I think I will be trying this soon. Thanks for sharing, Casey!

Hermannus Collenius said...

Casey... you have even more rings than I do!



Caseymini said...

Pernille, that's because I like making rings. More than half of what is there are ones that I made. Lots of buttons and beads!

Lucille said...

A lovely collection. Have you ever though of an egg carton for your rings? The ones that hold 12 eggs and that have a cover? You could put more than one ring in each little cup. Just a thought. I love the bottle idea for the bracelets.

Deni said...

I love pinterest! Been working on mine for a while now cant tell you how many tutorials for minis I have found..... I must look for you there Casey!