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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Buttercup Book Shop... Not Named for the Flower...

I moved the basket shop into the bedroom yesterday... Guess who claimed the table?

Anything cat sized belongs to Kota.  That's the law of the land.
I had Walter help me get the Buttercup Book Shop down from the top of the bookshelf in the family room. 

I had him replace it with Spike's Crypt.

I decided to put the bookshop down where we could see it for a while.

That meant another thing to clean well before displaying.
I oiled the floors and furniture and dusted all of the books... There are a LOT of books in that place.

Of course Tessie had to but in.  It is, after all, her shop.  And she reminds me of that fact every time I get it down to clean...

No.  She doesn't clean it.  Ever...
This is the chair that she is standing beside in the previous photo.  It started out as a House of Miniature Corner Chair kit. 

I got carried away with an Exacto knife and some bargello for the seat.  Not to bad for a plain old kit.

This is where Tessie spends most of her time, when she is in the book shop. 

Private attic... Rare books.  Nobody else is allowed up there.
By the way.  The shop was not named Buttercup Books because of the paint color.

It was named after the dragon on the front.  That is Buttercup.
He is a very nice and very friendly dragon... And he is against book burning!!

I just noticed that I didn't oil the shingles on this side.

I use Old English Lemon Oil on any of my wood pieces.  Including shingles and half timbers.

I had better go back and do it, before it slips my mind.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I remember when you built that shop. It was such fun watching you do all sorts of things I had never heard of. I was fairly new I think back then as far as minis were concerned. I do love that chair. It turned out great. I was just thinking that you made a woman of property out of Tessie. She must be worth quite a lot by now. Chuckling!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, I just got tired of arguing with her. According to her, she owns everything, including our house!

Sarah K. said...

Cats and minis... Minis and cats... They just go so well together! It is best not to argue. :)