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Monday, July 27, 2015

Party On, Dudes!

I got the Craft Cottage cleaned up and the floors spit and polished yesterday after you all left...

Not to long after that, the in crowd moved in and the party started....

Eskiaga, kindly brought some extra seating...

Not enough... Tessie and her sister the spinner vacated the premises for the attic perch.  They could see everything that was happening, but didn't have to participate if they decided not to.
As usual, Zar is off in his own little world. Looking out the window and dreaming up new Steampunk machines. 

He is under the impression that I will start Zar's Bizarre Bazaar shortly.... Wrong, but don't tell him that.  I still have lots to do on Daisy's cottage and the Forest Fantasy cottage.
Somehow the mini golfer(Walter) got invited. I am not sure who told him about it, but he seems to be having a good time... Only three steps from the door...

As usual, Zofi, the gypsy fortuneteller has set up shop to the right of the door and is telling fortunes as people enter... Whether they want a fortune told or not... At least, they are always happy ones.
Now... About your invitation... To get inside, all you have to do is measure up to the height requirement and get past Buffy and Spike...

I didn't meet the height requirement... And Buffy and Spike both told me to get lost!

So... I am off to clean up Eskiaga's Southwestern  rooms...  I overheard him telling someone that, when I kick them out of my studio, they could continue the party at his place... Nice of him! 

It hasn't had a good sweeping out for months.  I wonder where the party will go after that?

They all seem to think that I have nothing to do but get their houses ready for parties and clean them up after they get bored with one place and look for another one...

Remind me again why I actually thought that it was a good idea to let people live in these houses!!!

Back to mopping floors. 

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I'm glad you decided to let the little people live in your houses. Never a boring moment although they do keep you busy. I love how the house looks on the exterior. It has a charming look to it, not easy to achieve!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Don't feel bad, I actually tried to get in too...I was told 6'-2" was too tall...the nerve!
I am sorry I missed the party. It looked like a good time and the cottage is awesome!
Big hug,

Deni said...

the cottage is so cute!