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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Finally Finished!

 Since the rug was all that was keeping my craft cottage from being done, I decided to bite the bullet and finish it this morning.

I had most of that yellow swirl to stitch and a couple of other little areas. It took me a few hours.

As I put the glue around the edge and started to cut off the excess... Tessie showed up and announced, "Well!  It's about time that you finished the rug for MY craft cottage!"

I gently reminded her that the cottage was mine, not hers... She had the nerve to snicker at me. 

"Silly you! You can't fit in there!  It's mine!"

Then she proceeded to grab the rug and place it on the floor in the cottage. 

I do believe that I know how to get her and her gang to leave...

"Tessie, if it is yours, it needs a good cleaning and straightening.  Now!"

You wouldn't believe how fast the Terrible Two plus one ran out on me! I think that they went next door to her townhouse.  I don't care if she cleans that or not.  Not my job!

Now I am going back and straighten things up in there... I don't think that we ever had an official Housewarming for the cottage.  It wasn't officially done until now...

Come on over!  Tomorrow it will be cleaned up(not by Tessie) and ready to entertain. 

See you then!


Mieke Adr said...

I can't wait for the official housewarming. :-) I'll be there with bells on

Lucille said...

Casey, that rug is amazing. Love the colours in it. It's so unusual and such an interesting design. I can't remember if you designed this. Did you?

Caseymini said...

Yes Lucille, it came out of my weird little head! Probably one of the most fun designs I have done so far.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The rug is fantastic! worth every minute...that is hour...of work. If I were Tessie, I would have grabbed it and run away with it as well.
Big hug,

Fabiola said...

The rug is amazing!

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hi, Casey,
That is an amazing rug; what a beautiful addition to your cottage. (Which is also amazing!)