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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Moving Day...

OK. I threatened to do this a few weeks ago.  I was sick of looking at the curtains on the bedroom wall... This morning, I decided to do the deed.

The only trouble is... I forgot how hard it is to get into these frames!  The silly things open from the back and I built boxes to go inside each one.

Another problem is, the glass is loose.  It took me a couple of hours just to get these four apart, cleaned and back together... For all I care, they can stay dirty... Not really, but I did solve one problem.  I glued the glass in each one.  No more messing with balancing the glass on top and trying to shove the frame over them.
 Anyway, I moved the curtains out to the family room, where the other four were before.

I just remembered that I have two more of these frames somewhere.  Hmmmm...The possibilities could be interesting if I did the other two... Different combinations and the groups could be broken into different arrangements...

Something to think about.
 Anyway, I moved a couple of other things.  George the skeleton and his cactus garden are now in the hallway. 

I also put the Kitchen Christmas Island on the bottom.

I guess it's a choice between feast and famine on this one.

Personally, I prefer the Christmas Feast. I think that this one has held up pretty good... I made it in 82 or 83.

Yup.  It's an Oldie! And the cat still hasn't gotten to the turkey!

I am going back now and see if I can get those foursomes to hang any straighter.

See you tomorrow.


Troy said...

looks great!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
They look really great!
Big hug,