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Monday, July 13, 2015

I Need BIG Lock!

I started working on the fireplace this morning...

It is going to have to be finished on all three sides and finished well.  It can be seen from all sides.  No cheating...

After I got one piece of half inch foam core cut, Tessie came running in and yelled, "I NEED A BIG LOCK!!!".  Then a long drawn out, "Hurry!  Now!!!".

It seems that is the only way to keep the Minions from following her everywhere...  I told her so!

But would she listen?  Nope.

I gave her an old padlock and a couple of cookies.  She threw them to the back of the half inch house and padlocked the front door.

The mini minions are now all happily munching cookies for the time being...
I still have a couple more layers of thinner foam core to cut.  Then I will start shaping the fireplace.

That will probably take me most of the day.  If I get lucky, maybe I will get to start putting the stone on...

"Tessie, may I borrow your Minions?".  I can see the work going a lot faster with 16 extra hands to help... or maybe not... We shall find out.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

me encanta la forma que va tomando esa chimenea , seguro que con tantas manos estara terminada en un momento



Giac said...

Good luck Casey,
The overall shape of the fireplace is terrific.
Big hug,