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Friday, June 26, 2015

Running Away From Floors...

I need a break from floors! 

The basket cases were sitting on a chair, within easy reach...

Weaving Baskets is always a nice calming occupation... So I opted to do a basket as a break from floor duty.

This is one of the simple ones. 

I glued the uprights to the edge of an oval woodsie.  Then I banded them with a plain piece...

For those of you that haven't seen this done before, I glued an even number of uprights on the edge. That way I can do one round at a time and cut the weaver off between each row.

To add a little variation, I did some string weaving with waxed linen between the poster board weavers.  Three rows.  That part can be continuous.

I start by looping the middle of a yard long string over one of the uprights.  From there, I take the string furthest to the left and wrap it behind the next upright on the right.

See the two strings hanging down?  The one to the left will go over the other one and wrap to the back of the next upright.
By the way, I wrapped the bottom edge with a double braid of the waxed linen.  You can do that at any time.  It makes the bottom more secure.

I did one plain.  Three linen.  One plain. Three linen and then banded the top edge.  First outside.  Then inside, using Aleene's fast drying glue.

The last step was to glue two strips of the poster board together and curve it as I did it, so that it would dry in that shape.  I used my fingernails to pull it into an arc.

Then I glued it to either side of the basket.

So much for the new basket... As soon as it was finished, Tessie grabbed it and did her one word sentence... "MINE!"

It's just a good thing that I need to leave it for 24 hours for the glue to dry, before I stain it or paint it...

By tomorrow, she will be tired of it and I will be able to finish.  Then I will stand back and let her grab it again... That's the way the game is played...

See you tomorrow for staining.