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Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Didn't Get the Lead Out!

So far, the lead is still missing... That saves me having to do the windows right away.

Back to the floors.

Here is the upper area.  Not touched yet.

Things stick up here and there, where they shouldn't.
 Here's part of the lower floor.  I ran the wet crochet hook between the stones.  I pressed down firmly.
Sometimes when I can't get the stones to do what I want, I resort to a damp Kleenex.

I usually reserve that for extreme cases.  That is, where I want extra cracks and a lot of texture added.

You can make cracks in the stones and sometimes, on walls, more texture.

I am going back to look for the lead tape now.  Daisy is following me around and nagging a lot.

See you tomorrow.

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