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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Real Life In Arizona

This morning it was too nice to stay indoors...

And besides, I needed to do a lot of re potting on the back porch. 

I re potted about half of these!

This is in the slightly peculiar plant category...I'll bet you are thinking "Hmmm... Pepper?

Nope!  This is a banana legs tomato!  I saw it in the nursery the yesterday and had to try it.

It is a yellow tomato, related to Romas.  I don't know if you can see it on the front tomato, but it has a tiny "toe" at the bottom of the tomato.  Very weird, but cute.
Good news!  After two years without figs, we are going to have some this year.  For the past two years, we have had hard frosts... Yes, I know.  I live in AZ where it is supposed to be hot all the time... Not true.

This news always makes April happy.  She gets most of them.  I love the tree, but not so much the fruit.  I only eat a few... That's if April leaves any on the tree when she picks them.

I think that I finally found a place to hang the small hummingbird feeders.  They were getting tossed about by the wind, out in the yard. 
I am trying them hanging from the plant stands on the porch.

They are also protected from the sun in these spots too.

We have an army of hummingbirds that hang around here on a daily basis.
This was less than five minutes after I filled the large feeder. 

I am used to having them buzzing around my head when I am working on the porch or in the yard. 

They are small, but fearless.  They will go after anything that gets between them and the feeders.
 Of course, I am not sure how they will fare against the red head...

Tessie announced that she was going to hang there until one came by.  I have a feeling that she is going to have a very long wait...

She gave up after the hummer decided to keep going to the larger one until the strange red headed, non flying, creature disappeared from the other feeder...
Tessie said to tell you that SHE at least did some mini-ing this morning...

See the stick in her hand?  It's a broken branch from the Poke Berry Bush.  She followed me inside when I was finished.  She brandished it at my head and told me that she worked hard to get it and it should be included in her landscaping...

Translation?  She grabbed it off of the porch as we were approaching the back door. I guess it qualifies if you count bending down two inches to pick it up... Anyway, we have another stick.  Thanks to Tessie!

See you tomorrow.

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