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Monday, June 8, 2015

I Didn't Do It!!!!!

I woke up in the middle of the night, last night.  I kept hearing clicking and sliding noises.

There was a dim light coming from doorway. 

I got up and went to look.

As I suspected... Tessie has been using my iPad at night.  She didn't even bother to close the bedroom door this time... Big mistake!

I yawned a lot and went back to bed...

When I got up this morning, there were still clicking noises coming through the door.

I went out to check and that was when the fight started.

For years, I have resisted Pinterest! That is, starting to collect photos in an account on there...

Tessie stopped resisting last night...

Her excuse?  She couldn't sleep.  Needed something to do.

But did she have to do it with my name?  She said yes!  She couldn't get it to work with just her name...

Unfortunately, she knows all of the tricks and the iPad is easy for her to use.

I am now the proud owner of caseymini1, with 8 or 9 categories and 208 pins... I tell you! I didn't do it!  It was Tessie!

The first thing that she did was collect all of the photos on Pinterest that have been pinned from my blog.

Then she went on to collect photos of faerie gardens... She wants one of those for herself.  She explained that witches are allowed to have their own gardens too!  Then she went too far.  She asked, "Could you make me a pair of wings?"

She went on to collect lots of dollhouses that suited her fancy.

And just for me, she collected a lot of Cartonnage, some beautiful needlework, photos of antique needlework tools, and needlework patterns.  I think that's about all.  I will have to go look at the page again...

It's scary to think what she can do when she puts her mind to it... Remind me to lock the iPad up before I go to bed tonight! 

I am going now to see what other damage she did... Right after I lock her in the workroom.

I am not exactly sure how you collect pins from blogs or maybe I would add a few from the HBS build.  I noticed that she started one for that, but it only has one photo.

Back to the real world.

See you tomorrow.


Sarah Sequins said...

Yay, Tessie! I'm so glad she got you on Pinterest. It's such a fun place.

I started my Pinterest account of my own volition, but since I am owned by a flock of stuffed animal birds and one tiny plastic ostrich, they have insisted that I create a board just for them... with lots of pictures of flamingos. I agreed, since I have a dozen doll-related boards. I don't want to seem like I'm playing favorites.

PS: If Tessie really wants wings, and she wants to do them herself, this site has some wonderful tutorials:

mcddiss said...

lo de pinterest es todo un vicio , puedes estar horas sin darte cuenta , vigila a Dessy por que te costara quitarle el i pad


jennywren said...

If you hover your cursor in the top left corner of a picture the 'pin it' button pops up, you can then just click it and it will let you choose which board you want to pin it to. Pinterest is great but unfortunately a time trap! It's a great source for inspiration but once you get hooked you'll never have time to make any of the thousand ideas you have. At least it takes up no room and dosn't need tidying!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am totally going to go have a peak at your pinterst page when I get home tonight.
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

jennywren, I know how to pin from other pinterest pages. What I can't seem to do is pin other photos. I want to add some of my photos of the HBS build to the category that HBS started. There is one photo in there and I can't figure out how to up load more from my blog.

Caseymini said...

Mary, I know how to pin from other Pinterest sites. I am wanting to get some of the photos of the build that I am doing for HBS straight from my blog to the site that they established. Thanks for trying anyway.

Mary said...

Hi Casey, It's not very difficult to pin from outside once you know the steps.
I'll try to walk you thru it
copy the URL of the posting that includes the picture that you want to pin
open any one of your boards on Pinterest
click on the add a pin box on the upper left
click on from the web
right click and paste the URL into the bar
pictures will show up
click the pin button on the picture you want
add a description and select the board to pin it to
Done - I hope that helps

Feel free to repin from my boards
A Big Mini Hug, Mary

Sarah Sequins said...

I forgot to say that to pin from other sites, you need to install the Pinterest toolbar button. Then you can click it any time you see something you want to pin, and a list of possible photos will come up, and you can go from there. If you search for "Pinterest Toolbar Button" on Pinterest itself, it gives you a bunch of tutorials, depending on your preferred browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

I added mine so long ago, I don't remember anything about installing it. Hopefully this is an answer to the question you were asking? My technical skills go no further than this.

jennywren said...

On the right hand side of your opening Pinterest page there is a question mark. Click on that and it takes you to the help centre. There is a headline in black that says 'most popular articles'. Beneath that is a link called 'add the pinterest browser button'. That will enable you to download the pinterest button (to your toolbar) then when you see something - anywhere, such as google search etc - you just click that and it will bring up all the pictures on the page you have open and you just choose the one you want in the usual way. Some people though do not want their pictures on pinterest so I think there is a way for them to block them. I think you can also have a pinterest button on your blog to take readers straight to your pinterest boards. Hope that helps. said...

It is also a perfect way to keep your photos YOUR photos. Put them in this blog and when they pop up in other Pinterest accounts, it will cite your site.

I can't wait to see it!