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Monday, June 15, 2015

Amare and Kota Have a Play Day...

Yes. The Forest Fantasy Cottage is back in the bedroom.

Amare and April came over this morning.  We needed the kitchen table for other things...
Zar and Tessie made the most of the move.  They spent the morning doing absolutely nothing constructive in the cottage.
Amare and Kota played together... You will notice that Amare shares his toys... Or maybe I should say that Kota likes the truck and Amare is not getting it back any time soon...

So basically, I did some weaving on a mini basket for firewood and the kids played with cars.

I pretty much decided that the rest of the day is a lost cause... Squirrel watching is fun...

Not ten minutes after this guy left...
This guy showed up!

Actually the squirrel came back while Hudson was cooling off in the pool.  He was about 6 feet behind Hudson, stuffing his face with peanuts. 

We have discovered that the larger squirrels are not at all afraid of him... It still makes us nervous to see them together.  So... I go out there and scare Hudson away.

Anyway, that's my day so far. 

Back to hawk watching.

See you tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

Love seeing all of that nature up close and personal Casey! The closest I have ever gotten to a hawk was aprox. 25 feet so seeing Hudson right under your foot is EYE Candy for me! Amare is getting bigger and more adorable with every photo you take of him and I am tickled to see who has control of the vehicle and whose paws are holding the wheels. hahaha That is one smart CAT!
The Forrest Fantasy cottage looks very cool and inviting right now, and it is no wonder that Zar and Tessie have chosen to pass the time in there.
Work can always be put off until tomorrow! :D

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That child get more beautiful every time I see him. What fun he must have with Kota! I am glad you got a bit of a break from the terrible two. enjoy it while it lasts. I wish the squirrels came that close to our house...Ozzy thinks they are the enemy and has officially declared war on them!
Big hug,