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Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Day of Contemplation

I walked into the family room and Tessie was sitting on the arm of one of the chairs gazing into the bathroom. 

She had a bottle of dark forest green and some fabric to match sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor...

I knew what was coming... Dark, cozy bathroom with lots of leaves and trees involved...

I told her NO!
I don't like working in the dark... and that is what the room would be with forest green walls and leaves all over the shower curtain...

I pulled out a few alternatives.  I am still leaning towards one of the lighter greens and maybe the green with tiny leaves in this photo, but I do like the trail tan with the tan leafed fabric too...

Thus the day of contemplation...
Actually, I think that I just need a few hours away from the cottage and Tessie. 

As you can see, I still have some of the upper level to finish. 

We won't talk about the lower level.  I haven't even started the main room.

I am just going to relax and start over tomorrow. 

Anybody want to join me?  After all, it is Sunday.

I need a nap.

See you tomorrow.

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